Valley Of The Sex Dolls

ISOBEL CLARKE Will the introduction of sex dolls into mainstream culture help or hinder the process of creating and maintaining healthy relationships? To most, the concept of paying £3000 for a sex doll is completely foreign – reserved entirely for unattractive, lonely older men with atrocious social skills and bad haircuts, but a new wave […]

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The Birds And The Bees

PHOEBE MCINDOE  ISAAC LORENZO MARLEY   Isaac Lorenzo Marley has agreed to speak to me about his experience growing up in Spain and learning about sex from his father.  Born in Marbella, Málaga, Marley lived in Majorca for seven years, he now studies in Manchester. What do you remember about the sex education you were […]

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Pornography’s Big Bang

Alice Marshall     I am often left feeling mortified by the expectations that are bestowed upon us in this fascinating world of sex. Most of us know that sex in pornography is not the same as sex in reality – it gives an inaccurate representation of healthy human sexuality- yet the lines between porn and […]

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Sexual Assault in Schools

ANJA ETTY In this age of #MeToo and the global fight to raise awareness of sexual assaults on women and girls, it seems absurd that this battle hasn’t infiltrated into our schools. The press has repeatedly reported on the fact that the number of peer on peer sexual assaults in schools has risen dramatically and yet the […]

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It’s complicated…

PHOEBE MCINDOE Last week I visited The Ey Exhibition: Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy, which celebrates Picasso’s work from 1932-1933. My overall response to the exhibition was…complicated. The overriding feeling it left me with was, not wonder or awe, it was a difficult-to-pin-down, nagging kind of emotion. In the first room, a painting of […]

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YAS NECATI Scene is a new play moving around the UK, with its latest run at Camden People’s Theatre in London. It’s an exploration of a queer, interracial relationship – following the love of Ayo (Saskia Ross) and Flo (Laura Cameron) as they navigate how queerness, and particularly race affects their personal lives and understanding […]

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On The Cusp Of

PHOEBE MCINDOE  Above the Amersham Arms, New Cross, is the Take Courage Gallery, an affordable exhibiting space for emerging artists. The current exhibition, “On the Cusp of”, is curated by Ella Devi Dabysing and Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark. The art works themselves are not in-flux, but act as a kind of homage to uncertainty, movement and […]

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Breaking The Silence

Three years after RAP visited The Kings School , Worcester, Lauren delivered a speech about her experience of sexual assault. Her courage and determination to break the silence surrounding sexual assault will empower and inspire students worldwide.        

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The Future of Dating

Behaviour when it comes to romance, dating and intimacy is being re-examined. What is a bad date? The phrase itself seems like an oxymoron. Why should a romantic encounter with someone go “badly”, surely a date should leave you feeling good about yourself and your partner? If it’s true that “bad dates” are becoming a […]

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