For parents: How to speak to your kids about consent, sex and sexual assault.

Phyllis Fagell provides some useful tips about how to incorporate talks about sex and healthy relationships into daily conversations with your kids. You can watch the video or read the article. The Rainn Organization, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S., has a number of suggestions about how to speak to children about sexual […]

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26 September 2017 Last week we visited St Mary’s Ascot school to deliver a talk about The Big Leap, the challenging transition between secondary school and what comes next; university, a gap year or work. As we walked into the Rose Theatre, we were greeted by a group of bright and engaged young women who […]


Useful Sites

Talking to your child about porn The NSPCC recently published guidelines on how to talk to your child about online porn. The Parent Zone   The Parent Zone provide information, help, advice, support and resources to parents, teachers, health professionals, police officers, e-safety officers and HR professionals – anyone who engages with parents. The Mix The […]

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Safety During Freshers

The kind of questions students are asking on student chat forums, versus the kind of questions we should be asking… The other day I was googling “Freshers week” to find some good tips for the RAP website- Raising Awareness and Prevention Project- about staying safe and happy during your first week at University. I was shocked when […]

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