On The Cusp Of

PHOEBE MCINDOE  Above the Amersham Arms, New Cross, is the Take Courage Gallery, an affordable exhibiting space for emerging artists. The current exhibition, “On the Cusp of”, is curated by Ella Devi Dabysing and Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark. The art works themselves are not in-flux, but act as a kind of homage to uncertainty, movement and […]

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Breaking The Silence

Three years after RAP visited The Kings School , Worcester, Lauren delivered a speech about her experience of sexual assault. Her courage and determination to break the silence surrounding sexual assault will empower and inspire students worldwide.        

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The Future of Dating

Behaviour when it comes to romance, dating and intimacy is being re-examined. What is a bad date? The phrase itself seems like an oxymoron. Why should a romantic encounter with someone go “badly”, surely a date should leave you feeling good about yourself and your partner? If it’s true that “bad dates” are becoming a […]

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Invitation to Mr. Humphrys

PHOEBE MCINDOE On Radio 4’s Today programme Humphrys discussed the increasing levels of knife crime in England attributing the increased levels to Theresa May’s stop and search reforms. May’s reforms were carried out in 2014 in an attempt to reduce the number of illegal and indiscriminate searches that were taking place. At that time May […]

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There are no vaginas in Myanmar?

PHOEBE MCINDOE In Burma there isn’t a medically precise word for vagina, they use another word  meaning “woman’s organ”. The good news is that as part of The Vagina Monologues 20th anniversary, vaginas are finally coming to Burma. Women’s hour discusses. Audiences in Myanmar talked of their surprise upon watching the show (which has recently been […]

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Body Image and Social Media

This week we wanted to look at body image issues for both young men and young women and synthesize some of the resources out there on the topic. We should begin by acknowledging the rather obvious fact that both boys and girls, men and women struggle with body image. As current research has shown, mass […]

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What is your story? A LOT of attention has been paid to sexual harassment as of late. We have heard about extensive sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment on college campuses, sexual harassment perpetrated by adults against children. Less discussed is the growing issue of sexual harassment among children or peer-on-peer sexual harassment as […]

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